Furniture Repair

Cost-Effective Furniture Refinishing and Excellent Upholstery Repair

Enjoy hassle-free furniture refinishing and upholstery repair from The Finishing Touch Furniture Service. We have more than 40 years of retail experience in helping furniture dealers like you honor the warranty of your products by repairing your customers' furniture at a reasonable price.

Putting Customers First

Maintaining customers' loyalty and store's reputation are our primary concerns. We treat customers with respect and are always courteous and professional whenever we stop by their home for a service.

Customer Satisfaction

With our high completion rates, you rarely have to exchange damaged products with new ones. Profit from your savings and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction with our help.

Private Service

Customers with damaged furniture may also come to us for a service. Trust us to repair torn and damaged upholstery, as well as scratched wood.