Useful Tips on Furniture Care Specializing in Exquisite Wooden Furniture

Follow these practical furniture care tips for wooden furniture from The Finishing Touch Furniture Service. While the furniture's finish acts like a seal, wood may still be damaged by: Sunlight | Heat | Humidity | Liquids | Abrasives

Furniture Care Tips

Preserve the beauty of your furniture. Please remember to:

  • Keep Furniture Away from Direct Sunlight to Avoid Heat Damage and Wood Bleaching
  • Keep Furniture Away from Heating and Air Conditioning Sources to Prevent the Loss of Wood Moisture
  • Place Lamps, Ashtrays, and other Accessories on Felt with Adhesive Backing to Prevent Them from Scratching and Gouging Wood
  • Use Placemats and Hot Pads When Serving Hot Food
  • Put House Plants In Drip-Proof Pots, and Make Sure Foliage Does Not Touch Furniture Surfaces to Prevent Moisture Damage
  • Use Coasters under Both Hot and Cold Drinks
  • Do Not Place Synthetic Rubber or Plastic Items, Such as Radios, Phones, and Computers, Directly on Wood to Avoid Changing the Chemical Composition of the Wood Finish
  • Do Not Leave Newspapers or Magazines Lying on Wood to Prevent Ink Bleeding
  • Do Not Use Nail Polish Remover or other Harsh Household Products near Wooden Furniture to Avoid Possible Damage from Spills or Splashes
  • Rotate the Placement of Accessories on Wooden Furniture Surfaces and Change the Placement of Wooden Furniture Occasionally to Redistribute Wear Patterns

Recommended Care

Dust your furniture with a slightly damp lint-free cloth and use Endust® polish. This prevents dust from scratching the wood finish. Do this more frequently in the summer when windows are open or when dust-causing work, such as carpentry, is being done inside your home.

Long-Term Care

Four times a year, apply water-emulsified furniture polish, such as Guardsman® or Oz® polish, to eliminate oil-based dirt as well as water-soluble dirt, like food particles. Make sure to buff off excess polish with a dry rag afterwards to avoid wax buildup.